Friday, May 14, 2010

Silver 90% Coin

Hello all! Here at Monarch, we love 90% silver coin. Also known as "junk", this form of silver comes in dimes, quarters, and halves. Its benefits are outstanding and include price, use, and liquidity. We highly recommend to investors of metals products to add junk silver to their portfolio.

Low cost helps 90% silver coin gain popularity amongst investors and dealers alike. It is sold closer to spot than any other silver product. 90% silver coin is sold by the dollar face, which means 10 dimes, 4 quarters, and 2 halves and each dollar face contains approximately .715 oz of silver.

Many investors enter the commodities market with fears that the current economy may someday collapse and that the dollar may someday lose its value. They worry that one day in the future, they may need to use silver and gold to make purchases for necessities such as food, water, and other emergency supplies. 90% silver coin is ideal for this kind of investor as it would trade easily for small, inexpensive items such as milk, bread, eggs, etc.

It is this ability to be traded in small quantities that appeals to many people. For instance, if a person is in need of a small amount of cash, 90% silver coin can be broken down into small lots. It is also quite easy to store in large lots and to be traded in large quantities at a time, making it a liquid investment.

The main benefits that most investors see in 90% silver coin is its low price and its versatility. It is a great way to gather silver without paying a high price.

Come in to Monarch where we have 90% silver coin available for purchase!

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