Tuesday, May 25, 2010

US Mint Slows Silver Eagle Production, Franklin Pierce Dollars Out!

Hello all! It has been quite a while since last I blogged. I blame it mostly on how busy we have been lately and how maddening the markets have been! I might also have to accept some of the blame, although I don't want to very badly. :) I hope that everyone got to read about the benefits of 90% silver, as it really is a good way to purchase silver.

In coin news today, the US Mint announced that it is now producing fewer Silver Eagles. For the past few months we have all been enjoying the luxury of as many Silver Eagles as we want, but no longer. I have not yet heard if there is a reason behind this move, but it has resulted in higher premiums on Silver Eagles.

In other news, the newest Presidential Dollars, President Franklin Pierce, have been released and we have them in stock! They are $2 for singles and $35 for a roll. Get them while they're hot!

Stay tuned for further news regarding Silver Eagle production.


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