Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"The teeter-totter effect"

Hello everybody! It seems as though the metals markets are on a teeter-totter these days. One day Gold and Silver will be up 1%-2% and the next day they will be down 1%-2%. One wonders what may be causing this trend in the markets as it is happening more frequently and consistently than ever in recent memory.

So, what is causing this "teeter-totter effect"? Many people are demanding answers, and plenty of theories are popping up around the internet. Perhaps the most talked about theory is the conspiracy theory which consists of the banks dumping metals whenever the markets goes up, in order to keep the markets low. If this is the case, the markets are so strong that they consistently fight back to regain their losses. Not only do the markets regain losses, but they are often rising higher.

Whatever the case, this market is active and hopping! Please come in whenever you are ready to jump in or jump out.


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