Tuesday, September 21, 2010

1099 Concerns

Hello everybody,
Many of you are concerned about the 1099 law that will come into effect in 2012, so I thought I would further address this issue and post an update on the matter.  We have been asking everyone to contact their U.S. Representatives and Senators and let them know about your level of concern regarding this new law which will impose an impossibly large amount of paperwork on small businesses, forcing many to undergo a great economic burden in order to cope. 

Two pieces of legislation intended to repeal or revise the new 1099 law were recently put in front of the U.S. Senate and both were voted down.  Both Utah Sentators, Senator Orrin Hatch and Senator Bob Bennett voted to repeal the law in both cases, but their votes were in the minority.

We urge you to contact your representatives and let them know that you appreciate their votes to repeal the 1099 law, but that you are disappointed in their inability to find an effective solution to the troubling 1099 law.  Urge them to work with Democratic Senators to get a reasonable outcome to this serious problem.  Please, feel free to use this form letter as you contact your representatives.  

Dear Senator,
I appreciate that you voted in favor of repealing reporting requirements for $600 or more.  I am, however, disappointed that an agreement cannot be made accross party lines and I urge you to work with democrats in order to find an acceptable solution to this problem that will undoubtedly create a huge undue burden on businesses in a time of economic uncertainty.  

Thank you for your efforts,

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