Thursday, October 7, 2010

Metals Correction

Hello everyone!

Today seems to bring with it a correction in the spot prices of Gold and Silver.  A correction means that prices have fallen back when the trend has been upward movement.  Many people, including me, have been expecting this correction for some time and it will be interesting to see just how far down the metals will be able to correct. 

Many people are taking this opportunity to jump in to the silver and gold markets, as they expect that prices will soon rebound and go even higher than they were previous to today's correction.  Others are selling in fears that this correction will continue downward. 

For those of you that are considering buying while the silver price is down, I would like to suggest 90% silver coin.  I have discussed this form of silver in previous posts, but would like to once again highlight it as it is currently the only silver product available to you right at spot price in lots of $500.00 face or more. 

Come in and talk to one of our associates today and we can help you with whatever questions you may have or transactions you would like to complete!


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