Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recent Events

Thank you all for your concern and your respect of our privacy.

 Be assured that we are all very well and safe and everything is secure.

We will be closed for today.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Products

Hello All!

Whether we are ready to accept it or not, Christmas is a mere 6 weeks away and it is time to start shopping for presents!  We have put out some new items for sale this holiday season.  First, we will be offering 1 oz. .999 Fine Silver Christmas themed rounds for $39.95 each.  Buy a red gift box for these rounds for an extra $3.00.  

We are also offering Widows Mites, coins that were circulated during the time of Jesus Christ.  There are 2 Widows Mites per presentation card and these are selling for $29.95.  These make perfect holiday gifts!

We have different Christmas Holders for Silver Eagles and Rounds as well as other products that would make great Christmas gifts, so hurry in and get your shopping list taken care of before the holiday rush begins!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Market Fluctuations

Hello, all!  Just a quick summary of recent events.

As I'm sure you all have noticed, this week's metals markets have gone bezerk.  Yesterday, silver experienced a nearly $3.00 swing while gold experienced nearly a $30 swing.  This morning, the big swings seem to be continuing as silver started out the morning up and is currently down nearly $2.00.  Silver has already seen more than a $2.00 swing and gold is looking at a $20.00 swing.  

These events are unfolding very quickly with the metals moving drastically in very short periods of time.  The dollar has been steadily gaining in value for three days, leading up to today's G-20 summit. 

Monarch has been very busy keeping up with customer demand for silver and gold products.  We have seen people selling and buying metals.  However, more people seem to be buying.