Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GSA Dollars

Mint Condition! Like New!!
Uncirculated 1883 & 1884 GSA Carson City Morgan Dollars 
On Sale for $179 each!
Normally $219
More dates & prices available in store.

GSA Dollars
Other dates available in store for different special pricing.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

US Mint Coins

In Stock: 
2012 Proof Set
2012 Uncirculated 14pc Mint Sets $33
2012 Proof 14pc Sets $37
2012 Proof Presidential Dollar Sets $24
2012 Proof Silver America the Beautiful Quarter Sets $47
2012 Proof America the Beautiful Quarter Sets $20
2012 Proof Silver Eagles $65
2012 Grover Cleveland Uncirculated Dollar Rolls
Grover Cleveland Dollar Rolls
$35 per roll or $2 each for singles. 
Due to an act of Congress, these dollars are no longer available for circulation through banking institutions.